Aegleteq know that through life support is the key to a long productive life of x-ray equipment and systems

Good Service Support is the key to this Companies success and AEGLETEQ aims to give, not just good, but excellent service. From changing HT cables to moving whole facilities. Make Aegleteq your Service Partner. PM Contracts recommended for extended equipment lifetimes.

How does it work?

AEGLETEQ is well know and trusted for service on all industrial YXLON and other x-ray products in the UK and Ireland. Focal Spot Testing using the latest digital technology. Give us a call on 01234 240729 or email [email protected]


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Other Makes of X-ray Equipment & Systems.

Other Makes of X-ray Equipment & Systems. In most cases Seifert, Gulmay and Spellman makes of x-ray equipment can be repaired/serviced. Please contact either of the contact numbers/email above for further information.

We are always pleased to give FOC telephone or email support if required to non Customers who need help and advice. We may be able to save you down time.